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The Frogs Sang Symphonies $20.00

The second album from Me & the Mrs.
Price includes shipping.

10 tracks.

Produced by John Paul Peters and Me & The Mrs.
Recorded and mixed by John Paul Peters at Private Ear Recording (July 2014).
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering
All songs written by Paul Zacharias.
String and Brass arrangements by John Zacharias and John Paul Peters (tracks 2, 3, 8).
Brass Arrangement by John Paul Peters (track 7).
String Arrangement by Daniel Wiebe (track 4).
Voice, Guitar and Percussion: Paul Zacharias
Voice, Mandolin, Accordion and Glockenspiel: Heather Zacharias
Banjo and Resonator: Jason Bertsch
Grand Piano: John Zacharias
Drums: Ryan Voth (tracks 5 & 7)
Drums/percussion: Scott Senoir (tracks 1, 2, 8)
Upright bass: Julian Bradford
Pedal Steel: Eric Lemoine
Violin: Meredith McCallum
Violin: Kristina Bauch
Cello: Emma Quackenbush
Trumpet: Tim Friesen
Trombone: Kevin Mclean
Cover painting by Jenny Keith Hughes (
Photography by Kelsey Krogman
Layout by Jerod Fahlman

The Frogs Sang Symphonies