The family that works together stays together.  That would seem to be the case with this dynamic duo.  Flying high off the release of their second album in less than two years, “The Frogs Sang Symphonies” and hitting the road for the third time,  Me & the Mrs. are exactly where they want to be: “We have an album that we can really stand behind, something we can shout from the rooftops.  It feels good.” 

The duo first joined forces in their highschool drama class in British Columbia.  “We created an original comedy musical piece,” laughs Paul. “It was a minor success, and the rest is history.”  Almost a decade later they were married.  “Our first year of marriage found us employed in an auto parts warehouse, stocking shelves and filling orders while playing music together for fun in the off time,” reflects Heather.  “We truly enjoy each other’s company, so it's always seemed natural to us that we'd want to work together, whether in theatre, music or even a warehouse.”  It wasn’t long before the couple moved to Rosebud, AB, where their focus became the Arts. Heather graduated from the Acting Programme at Rosebud School of the Arts, and has since gone on to perform happily on stages in both Rosebud and Calgary, while continuing to mentor young actors. Paul started a recording business, producing albums and mentoring young musicians at his doG House Studios, and composing sound designs for theatres in Rosebud in Calgary. During this time the two also wrote a Christmas Folk Musical, May & Joe, with their friend Morris Ertman for Rosebud Theatre.

Fast forward to the present: after the success of their first self-produced album, “ghosts of what became”, in 2013 and their subsequent cross-Canada tour, the couple were awarded a 2014 RAWLCO Radio Recording Grant.  “From receiving the RAWLCO Radio grant, to writing the songs, to assembling our dream team of musicians, making this album just felt 'right,'” says Paul.  And it shows.  Recorded in Winnipeg with producer John Paul Peters at Private Ear Recording, the 10 track melodic folk/roots album boasts a richness of poetry and story surrounded by lush and organic arrangements and performed with more than a healthy does of passion and vitality.  All the while featuring sweet harmonies as can only be sung by a husband and wife duo.  Paul confides, “After a summer of recording and a fall full of theatre, we're thrilled to start this new year off by getting back to playing in front of audiences.  Most of our concerts are in small venues or living rooms and it feels pretty intimate.  Every show is like a first date, often a “blind” date, because we’re relatively new to the scene.  Our audiences tend to be a lively mix of people who are hearing our music for the first time and devoted supporters who are good friends and are comfortable to banter with us, which unfailingly makes the shows exciting, fun and unpredictable.”